Who is lionel richie dating now

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Who is lionel richie dating now

The song foreshadowed his 2012 album Tuskegee, in which he returned to his country roots, dueting with such giants of the genre as Shania Twain and Willie Nelson. Stuck On You (1984) An early foray into country music, Stuck On You pairs the singer's husky warble with twanging guitars and minimalist arrangements.

Thankfully it is more low-key than the sleeve shot of Richie in a blinding checkered shirt and stetson hat straight out of Roy Rogers.

It has been reported that Richie subsequently regretted the name, on the grounds that it invited unkind comparisons with the florid Oasis track (relax Lionel – the Oasis song is RUBBISH).

Still, he clearly enjoys performing All Around The World, which is the curtain-raiser on his current tour. Angel (2000) Richie's comeback album, Renaissance, was not kindly reviewed, with the vast line-up of producers and engineers deemed to gone too far in trying to make the singer sound contemporary and edgy.

Though it challenged perceptions of Richie as strictly a soul artist, the song was nonetheless favourably received by fans and reached number three in the United States and number 12 in the UK.

“Kourtney also secretly feels betrayed by Sofia, as she’s known the Kardashians for years and yet still pursued Scott.He's a peerless tunesmith, natural born entertainer and custodian of the finest moustache in pop.So it is little surprise that he's able to bring a greatest hits tour to the UK next summer, and that people are very excited about it.That is not good news for Sofia's dad Lionel Richie, who admitted he is still scared to death about his daughter's relationship with the controversial reality star.“I’m scared to death about anybody dating anybody,” he told .

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Admittedly, he has a reputation as an unabashed schmaltz merchant and even his best songs are loaded with gooey sentimentality.