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Whitney was raised by a single mother who has since passed away, so Chris meets her uncle, sister and grandmother.

Chris wants to ask Whitney’s sister’s blessing for marriage, but she won’t do it. Later, Whitney tells Chris that she has fallen in love with him.

Britt ugly cries (well, as ugly as she is capable of) in the front yard, but not over Chris, but because of Carly’s betrayal.

The Rose Ceremony, Part Two: Reunited with the remaining women, Chris thanked his anonymous sources (Carly) for stabbing Britt in the back.

It’s like she just realized the entire point of this show. The Rose Ceremony, Part One: Jade needs to tell Chris that she did some nude modeling (scamper off and Google that if you must, but come right back) because she’s not bringing him home to meet her family if he’s not into his possible fiancée being a Playboy model.

“It’s not Italy or Belgium,” explains Chris, perhaps mistaking Becca for Megan, who wasn’t positive that New Mexico was in the U. Then they retire to his “loft,” where Becca tells Chris that she has never been in love before, even though she dated her ex for four years.

Chris shrugs and asks her if she wants to go “watch the sunset,” which is a pretty good line.

The final rose goes to Jade, which is fine, but also hilarious considering the fact that he just thanked Carly for her intel on Britt.

Carly uses her long ride back to the airport to question everything about herself and wallow in self-pity. The Final Four: Chris is going to visit the hometowns of a veritable Whitman’s Sampler of women including a Playboy model, a virgin, a fertility nurse and a dance instructor.

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He is on this journey to find a life partner and for him that means someone who loves Iowa or at least is really good at lying about it.