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Wellington free live chat rooms no sign up

The question has been raised on how we showed a profit The profit was generated mostly from payroll savings and our expenses are in line with our revenues.We showed a total savings of nearly K in payroll alone compared to 2016 where our expenses exceeded our revenues by nearly k.In view of the Board and ourselves, and what we have heard from you our members, we need to make a decision and move on sooner rather than later.Thus, the two options that will be presented on Friday are as follow: Members will continue to pay cart fees and be responsible for dining minimum, both of which remain at current amount Capital and Operating assessments of ,600 eliminated Annual dues increase limited to greater of CPI or increases at named comparable clubs at am.The finished product would be the same as the western bank of the canal.It was also determined that the cart path adjacent to #3 green and #4 tee is located on LWWD property.Following the meeting on January 12 – 10 am & 4 pm limited to 50 people Please call the front desk for reservations to any of the above meetings at 561-642-2700.

I anticipate that in all of the above deals, we will be eliminating mandatory membership in the near future and lowering our dues, although the exact figures will vary among the options.All members of any type, in good standing and current on all financial obligations are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting to become informed of the sale options.Only equity members in good standing will receive ballots. Sincerely, Sean Lutwin, PGA GM/COO Jeff Hamburger President From: Marvin Talsky Sent: December-26-17 AM To: ‘[email protected]’ Cc: ‘[email protected]’ Subject: RE: General Managers Report December Thanks for the information Sean. That meeting will now begin at am to include not only a discussion of the two sales options, but also a general information meeting.Please make sure to mark the time change on your calendar.

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