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As with most things in life, the devil is always in the details.

Want to learn how you can become a Chaturbate model?

In past works, she has reported on her social experiments—like her experience as a contestant on a reality television dating show, and her stint as a hipster “camwhore,” in which she played the attention-hungry college student Caroline, gaining a cult following on You Tube.

For two new pieces—an e-book and a play—Hirsch mines her childhood memories of engaging with a pedophile online in the late ’90s.

MY FAMILY GOT AOL when I was in seventh grade, and as soon as I found the chat rooms, I was obsessed. I didn’t have access to sexual education, so AOL opened up a whole world for me.

I was very ashamed of my secret life online, and I didn’t tell a soul about what I was doing, but years later, as I worked with my camwhore character Caroline, I began to think back to these early experiences I had with the Internet.

Five viewers bought into this offer when it was raised by her moderator.

Top earners always get displayed at the top of the page one listings on Chaturbate because they have accumulated many followers who receive an email notification when they come online to perform.One of these features is the ability to sell both videos and picture sets, as well as other assets – with the caveat that any transaction must be paid for with tokens.Our 0 an hour earner offered to add viewers to her Snap Chat account for 500 tokens.My play and my e-book both deal with this time in my life, and focus on the same cybersex relationship. She’s twelve when she finds a chat room called “Twelve,” which is a community mostly of kids around her own age.She’s an outsider at first but manages to become accepted by the group before beginning to chat privately with a twenty-seven-year-old who goes by the handle jobe when hanging out in Twelve.

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The second model we watched was very average looking and had 1500 viewers. She spent her entire hour with a wide smile on her face, and never stopped interacting with her viewers.