The mentalist s05e16 online dating

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The mentalist s05e16 online dating

One of the trustees insists she has lived there for years, at least 8. He enters the house and as he is examining the rooms, finds a piece of wire - fishing gear it seems - then hears a noise. She asks if Patrick missed her and insists that she has not killed Julia in vain.

She believes Julia was invoved in her sister's death, although she maintains that Red John was not involved.

Jane says that he feels nothing for Lorelei, but a visibly upset Lisbon does not seem to believe him.Lorelei refuses Jane's help and says that they are both on different roads now.Rigsby finds out that Julia Howard also owned a home in Davis.Lisbon seems uncomfortable and looks away, and Bertram tells her that if anything is wrong, she can talk to him. They both realise that Lisbon knows more than she is saying.Back at CBI, Lisbon asks Rigsby to look for evidence about Julia Howard's involvement in Miranda's death. Meanwhile, Lorelei is seen in a van, clearly following someone (the trustees from the battered women's shelter).

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Jane says he trusts Lorelei, which Lisbon does not look too happy about.

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