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But I started to cry because he kept talking about America #1 and nothing else mattered.

I just kept thinking about all the terrible things going on in other countries, what about them? We need you as our future leaders." For the first time in a long time, I actually felt hope.

Some of us realized that if Trump had just acknowledged his horrible actions and words during the campaign, if he just apologized for his behavior, that would have created some room for healing. And when a leader mocks a march/movement and people who are minorities, rather than acknowledge the pain and hurt he caused and is causing, it just encourages his supporters to throw stones and it only continues to isolate the ones who did not vote for him.

At the end of the night, a 12-year-old girl asked to speak and it brought tears to my eyes. Trump's inauguration speech and I thought he was going to maybe apologize or try to bring us together.

10 years later I'm standing in front of a rainbow of people; friends and strangers waterfalling down an art piece that by the following morning will be ashes on the ground.

Once she healed well she was ready to get back to work.The doctors didn't know what was going on but they "knew" she had a year to live.In and out of the hospital she was, by the grace of God once again she lived.She is a strong woman and I don't know anyone anymore deserving of this make over than she is please please please help me make this a great Christmas for her. Yesterday, my church went to a local brewery and had an open forum/discussion about what Donald Trump's presidency will look like.How we can start to unite despite a leader who is constantly trying to divide us. We have lost our ability to empathize and we're not willing ...

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Whether you're an artist, accountant, doctor, mother, lawyer, musician, CEO, brother, or student..there you feel apart of something.