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Sex chat with robot spanking

For men who initially fall into the sweet spot of good enough, the honestly heartfelt words “I don’t need this shit,” are soon to follow. The robotic rebound has utility in one specific set of circumstances.

In that light, I can see a time when sexbots are a viable resource to assist men transitioning out of abusive relationships, which is to say nearly all of them. It pales in comparison to the inner awakening in a man who can no longer be controlled by a woman’s sick games. An evening with a sex robot – 0 Buying a sex robot – 20 grand.

In one situation after another men are faced with double standards, petulance and insanely unrealistic expectations.

I did some searching for fiction works on this theme and was unsurprisingly disappointed.

The change will start gradually, and interestingly it will start with men who are in relationships. Men typically face an onslaught of emotional and psychological challenges in relationships with women.

Many men constantly face the conflicting demands to preserve their self-respect against a range of behaviors in women that threaten it.

Though that at least is a survival reaction, not sexual deviance or gynocentric paranoia.

Still, I’d rather have a conversation about the interpersonal implications of what it will mean to even come close to the kind of technology we are talking about.

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There were a few other options, including a few serious explorations of robotics in general. The only thing missing was a who has sex with 20 men and beats them all up at the same time. That’s the kinds of conversations the blue pill world wants to have about sexual robotics.

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