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The limited Spanish she speaks would not be sufficient to be successful in any scholastic endeavor outside of the U. ***xx (our 4 year old) is in a pre-kindergarten class at a local Christian school where he is thriving and has become accustomed to the routine.He is in his second year with this school and any deviation in his school or surroundings could be socially detrimental to him.It is common that extreme changes made to social and economic state could cause relapse of this condition and if so would once again require expensive medication to treat.This drug is considered a tier III drug according to my health insurance company and requires a a month copayment. I have been successful for several years without this medication and feel very fortunate that I have found ways to control this on my own.Instead of posting these under "Needed: letters illustrating extreme hardship under I-601", I thought creating a new thread would be easier to read. I hope it helps others avoid the mistake of not making their family member's hardships their own. We have been together for about 6 years and married almost 4.

The sense of accomplishment I feel in my career, the love of my husband, children and grandmother greatly contribute to my success in combating this condition.

Even if I was able to be employed in Mexico the benefits I receive in my current job are not typical of employment practices in similar occupations in Mexico.

Health Insurance-My employer provides Medical, Dental & Prescription Drug coverage (attachment C-health insurance ID cards) for me, ***X and the children with just a small employee contribution.

With such a drastic reduction in income and no health insurance we would be unable to provide our children with adequate health care therefore greatly increasing health risks within the family.

Depression-I have suffered from moderate depression in the past and controlled this condition with anti-depressants called Celexa for 2 years.

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