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Typically when I interview someone, I do not know the actor personally, but in the case of Sebastian Spence, we have a fairly extensive history.He has consistently been supportive of my writing (even when it was rather inadequate), and I am infinitely grateful to finally be returning the favor.And because of his philanthropy, he can afford to go out and do all this sword-fighting. Yes, I’ve worked with Neill many times throughout my career.But he did direct a film I was in that was one of Hallmark’s biggest films, , with Laura Leighton.

In fact, it was one of their top movies at the time.

So in that opening scene, the butler, Tucker –because of course, Bill Wallace has a butler –takes her out to the backyard so she can witness them practicing their sword-fighting firsthand for a competition that’s coming up.

The thing about Bill is that he is obsessed with that era. He’s got a camaraderie with all of these guys he fights with, and they’re obviously all about it too. Isn’t it true that you have worked with him in the past?

film, how would you describe your character, Bill Wallace?

I see Bill Wallace as an eccentric philanthropist who fell in love with the idea knights and sword fighting. He knows Jenn because she is constantly on the lookout for old relics, including antique chairs and even antique suits of armor–just the kind of things Bill loves to collect.

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So because of , I learned to ride a horse properly as opposed to me just pretending I could ride a horse. That show is actually in its third season now, and I think it’s one of their most popular shows. In fact, I think Hallmark has so much talent and many lovely people who work for them. Believe it or not, we started the entire shoot with me getting into a suit of armor.