Quran and dating code 39 decode online dating

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Quran and dating

Recent tests conducted on the oldest known pages of the Quran in existence have determined they were written nearly 1,400 years ago, between 568 and 645 AD.

Reports raise the possibility that the fragments are not just contemporary to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, but that they may predate him.

News website Digital Journal reports, “Scholars came to this conclusion after researchers carbon dated a small piece of parchment from the Islamic holy book.

The carbon dating, which is considered to be extremely accurate, suggests that the Quran may have actually been written before Muhammad was alive, or during the early years of his childhood.” These results may cause controversy among scholars as Islam’s Prophet Mohammad—believed to be the historic founder of Islam and “messenger of god” to Muslims— was thought to have been born in 570 AD and to have died in 632 AD.

Nobody can ever so precisely date old artefacts either. Science is a word for knowledge, not for speculation, or fashion.The ascension of humans or beings into the heavens is a common theme among many mythologies and religions all over the world.Even though most people recognize the well-known ascension of Jesus, and...As to the mouthings of “physicists” on TV claiming to know the age of the universe, or, now, the multiverses, in which I am currently living, as you are, in another form !!!thousands of times over, is to wish away television and the internet completely, let alone machines claiming to know the age of anything!!

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Bora notes that the radiocarbon analysis on the sheep- or goatskin manuscript dates the page fragments themselves, or the death of the animal whose skin was used, but not the timeline of when the script was actually applied to the skin.

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