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You may be an awesome business woman, project manager, director etc but your username is not the time or the place to showcase this. Here we have a few more words to play with and our second opportunity to make a good impression and attract people to click on our profile. If you’re still feeling stuck and uninspired, you could just stick to a headline that describes your USP (which we looked at last week).If you think of your dating profile as a shop full of goodies then your headline and username are your shop window dressing that are used to attract people inside. Lots of people, unfortunately, give this little or no thought, often choosing perhaps their first name with a series of numbers after it.As we are trying to attract people here, not robots, it makes sense to try and come up with a name that appeals to the kind of people we want to attract.Are there any words/phrases/hobbies that stand out from the crowd that are representative of you?For example, if you enjoy sewing, baking or painting you could come up with some examples as follows: that includes something you like doing, is unique, clear, positive and appeals to people not robots, you are already storming ahead of your competition.Your presence alone on an online dating site already suggests that you are on the market.

But first, re-read the first line of your essay so that you can be assured that it won’t put your readers to sleep with it being boring or being too long.Just a note on this: if you are stringing words together as above, do use capital letters as I have done so that it is easier to see what the words say when put together.Lovesbakingbread, for example, is harder to read and is actually a bit off-putting, the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for.‘These give a first impression and play a significant role whether someone reads further.So if you want to get ahead and have many or the right people look at your profile, have a catchy header. are phrases that you can write and add to your screen name.

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The username you choose needs to work for you not against you, so ideally it needs to be: – which one are you more likely to click on?

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