Peruvian dating customs

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New plantations in Limassol and increasingly in the Paphos area have concentrated in the production of pigmented grapefruit varieties such as Ruby Red and Star Ruby in order to meet changing market preferences.

Grapefruit exports fluctuate annually around 19-20 thousand tons, a fairly stable figure in recent years although it must be stressed that export volumes and returns are greatly influenced by the production volumes and quality of the Florida crop. The first one relates to a 1433 document where a monk noted that his orange trees were damaged by a wind-storm.

Navels, Ovals and Valencia late are the main varieties grown for export purposes.

Oranges account for around 13-15% of the total citrus exports with the main variety being the Valencia Late.

Furthermore, the sector is highly dependent on the export markets which take more than 50% of the total production.

) must have been present in Cyprus much earlier than any other type of citrus fruit and evidence further suggests of its presence in the Eastern Mediterranean since the 4th century.

Lemons: The Cyprus climate is favourable for the production of a broad range of citrus fruit but historically lemons have led the way in terms of quality and return for the growers.

Despite its tiny small size, the island of Cyprus possesses a wide range of soils as well as a number of unique, Mediterranean type micro-climates which enable it to produce a broad range of fruit & vegetables.

Crops include the full range of citrus fruit, melons and watermelons, table and wine grapes and the famous red soil potatoes harvested during the winter and spring time.

For decades the dominant production regions were found in the Morfou Bay, on the Lapithos slopes overlooking the Kyrenia Bay, near the town of Ammochostos and in smaller volumes at the Fasouri-Episkopi region.

Following the Turkish invasion of 1974, production was forced to move southwards with around 65% of the citrus grove yards now concentrated on the southern coast between Limassol and Pafos and to a lesser extent in the central valley between the villages of Akaki and Astromeritis.

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The long hours of sunshine also favor the production of seasonal salad and vegetable crops that provide the bulk of supplies for the local market.