Pastor toure roberts dating sites bradford anderson and kirsten storms dating

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Pastor toure roberts dating sites

At the time, the single mom who had her first child at 14, was promoting her book, Things progressed quickly with the future First Lady’s new preacher man.

Roberts proposed September 22 over dinner, where he slipped an expensive diamond on Jakes’ finger that he purchased while the two were in Maui.

”Actor Omari Hardwick performed a spoken word selection in which he discussed finding his way to his calling.

He credits his relationship with God for directing his path through the entertainment industry.

She’s a beautiful woman but what got me was her spirit, seriously.” He prayed, “I need you to talk to me, because I just made this commitment to you that I am not going to date.To not allow God to lead us in the most life altering decision we could ever make just doesn’t make spiritual sense.The keys that Pastor Roberts shares can definitely help eliminate the draining process of “dating”.One Church International Pastor Touré Roberts has been called a heretic and opportunist after apologizing to Destiny’s Child and scolding the church for speaking against their questionable career choices. The couple, both divorced with children, met in the spring of this year. Jakes’ daughter Sarah Jakes simply calls him “babe.” The two are officially engaged to be married and will tie the knot next month.

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“Before God put you in your mother’s womb, He knew who He purposed for you to be and what He purposed for you to accomplish.