Overtone members dating

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Overtone members dating

No clue about the primary tobacco, but makes me think it? Finish: As expected, the finish is just a tad harsher. Neither will it leave an excessive flavor or aroma in the bowl.

From the smoking character, it may be deduced that there is no PG present, and that the quality of the leaf is top-drawer.

The tobacco characeristics could not be deduced by their aromas.

I was unable to tell whether this was because of the flavoring, or the steaming process. Nice springy feel when pressed, no tendency to harden up on top.

It became a guilty pleasure, like gorging on Halloween candy.

Oddly, to me, at least, it is the extra flavoring that people seem to dislike in this blend.

I was quite excited, actually, because this looked like something I had never seen or imagined, and I was optimistic that the flavor would follow that uncharacteristic path. I started with bowls in my smallest pipe, nothing more than ten minute concentrated smokes.

I said all of these things, liberally spiced with more colorful language.

When I cracked open that tin for the first time, I must admit, the scent was bizarre. It was, to me, the British equivalent of Mixture No. I found myself popping the lid, and taking gentle whiffs of that odd Grousemoor aroma.

It wasn't the same floral note of the more traditional Lakeland tobaccos, Kendal Flake and the like. The tobacco was a beautiful bright golden color, lighter even than many of the golden Virginia blends I have smoked. Those gentle whiffs became greedy gulps of intoxicating air, and that led to the inevitable and more frequent "occasional" smokes.

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I didn't even care about the lightness, the lack of nicotine. I wondered what the hell a grouse was, and learned it was a very swift bird, hunted by the British for game. I will hunt this tobacco with the ferocity of a man chasing wild game. I will shoot you with my shotgun if you people turn Grousemoor into an endangered species!

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