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It takes the rather simplistic view of "it'll be the same day in the resulting month" - meaning adding months to anything on days 29, 30, 31 is potentially an "error" select add_months(to_date('', 'DD-MM-YYYY'),12) from dual; ADD_MONTHS ---------- the error is because interval expects feb 29th in 2001.. :( November 18, 2005 - pm UTC A month is ambigious.(so atleast with the current versions releases, add_months is more reliable) first of all this interval concept first time i am seeing it. fine if it doesnt work for the below select to_date('', 'DD-MM-YYYY') interval '1' year from dual; then i have two questions: 1) what is the difference between adding interval and add_months? It is not like "a week" Tell me, *what is a month* A year even is ambigous - years do not have the same number of days..SQL select datum,add_months(trunc(datum,'MONTH'),12) 2 case 3 when to_char(datum,'DDMM')='2902' then null 4 else to_number(to_char(datum,'DD')-1) end datum_yar 5 from toto 6* order by 1 DATUM DATUM_YAR --------- --------- 25-FEB-00 25-FEB-01 26-FEB-00 26-FEB-01 27-FEB-00 27-FEB-01 28-FEB-00 28-FEB-01 29-FEB-00 01-MAR-00 01-MAR-01 02-MAR-00 02-MAR-01 03-MAR-00 03-MAR-01 04-MAR-00 04-MAR-01 05-MAR-00 05-MAR-01 06-MAR-00 06-MAR-01 ...DATUM DATUM_YAR --------- --------- 18-FEB-03 18-FEB-04 19-FEB-03 19-FEB-04 20-FEB-03 20-FEB-04 21-FEB-03 21-FEB-04 22-FEB-03 22-FEB-04 23-FEB-03 23-FEB-04 24-FEB-03 24-FEB-04 25-FEB-02 25-FEB-03 26-FEB-02 26-FEB-03 27-FEB-02 27-FEB-03 28-FEB-02 28-FEB-03 01-MAR-02 01-MAR-03 02-MAR-02 02-MAR-03 First, let me clear the confusion most people seem to have about Add_Months Function.

However: a) It doesn't solve the Original Poster's Q, which is to make the Result Day of Month 1 Day less than the Source Date's Day of Month (even when not in end-of-month scenarios).

Kind Regards, Vijay November 17, 2005 - am UTC add_months, as documented and by definition, returns the last_day of the resulting month if you input the last_day of a month to begin with.

add_months( any_last_day_of_a_month, some_number_of_months) returns the last_day of the resulting month.

Also and therefore, it reads more clearly, if you were to translate it to a natural language (i.e if you needed to explain it to someone or someone were trying to understand what it's doing by reading it).

BTW, I say it's a "bug" with the "design" of the Add Months Function, not just the Function because it's doing what its docs claim it was designed to do.

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First impressions to get the next year might be to add 365 days...

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