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These starlets will never follow the script for "good girls" that would be approved by the repressed, emotionally stunted types who are attracted to Gabaldon's crypto-Catholic bodice rippers.[quote]Those Outlander fraus think that a tacky beard is better than being gay. Homophobia combined with an infantile inability to see the actor as separate from the role is why Heughan is in a cold sweat most of the time.But he must have known what he signed up for; this is the plight of the closeted gay Hollywood actor.[quote]Their ass-licking comments posted at MM IG are nauseating. He tried to sell the Sam Cait relationship to shield his sexuality in the beginning.She went in MM's IG and commented on how the Fandom is Crazy and posted on twitter calling his fans Cunts.At least, this time that fake journalist Bernardette is NOT saying that Sam is dating MM and that she is his gf.Why else won't he officially present his beard as a girlfriend and be done with weird innuendo games.

Soon after the gay bearding posts, MM deleted almost all the comments including Sam's. She leaves other negative comments on her IG for months yet that comment get swiped within minutes. Got nothing better to show a pic of your ugly butt !? Bernadette the fake ass journalist from Shatner's payroll is bashing all Sam Heughan fans.

Are you assuming the ass-lickers are in the majority just because the haters aren't commenting on her SM? Now, he has created a monster by perpetuating this fake Samzie relationship.

His fans know something doesn't ring true but when they call bullshit he turns on them.

That wack job Bernadette has a long history with WS.

She threatened shippers that she packs heat and is "connected". Seems they were all in cahoots to drive home the MM narrative for Sam.

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I wonder how Samzie shippers explain their ridiculous behavior.