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Drama character success goes to writers this is what I believe. He loves his job and he is mature enuf to tell he still need to do lot of work to take credit of being called hallyu star.

Well, not as a permenant member lol but if they ever do another adventure episode (like dubai, austrailia etc) it would be so freaking awesome to see the original cast together again ( I was so glad and excited when I found out you have this latest drama right after you finished military service and you never fail your viewers, you are as handsome and smart as ever ... i just dont understand why you become this 'big superstar of asia' 'most wanted for asian woman'. honestly i just cant movin on with this crazy drama 'descendants of the sun'. Even you left the shows, I remain to be an avid fan because of you. The Joongki I've known before stays humble till now and how could I ever stop supporting you? I just wish your 30s be filled with the love of Friendship and healthy relationships ♥ Saranghaeyo ♥Fighting! i've like sjk since the year before last year and he's honestly such a bae. I am afraid next time would be Korean Drama will be the other one that I will stop to watch. my first korean drama is the innocent man which is joong ki play as a main lead actor . i love your great acting , youre so manly and handsome . keep your hard work and hwaitinggg btw i miss you so much I have seen A Werewolf Boy day before yesterday.since then I cant get over it. What an amazing actor this man acted with just facial expressions and eyes without any dialogue. youre really charming, incredible, and your face is really makes the people mostly 'woman' are dying and crazy about you. I really like your acting in the descendants of the sun. You know how much I admire you in Music Bank & Running Man. I like him more now :) I so love this guy, it's crazy. can't wait for the drama to finish cos am one of does ppl who don't see a drama till Its over. I'm waiting for it since Innocent Man many of your fans here in the Philippines are waiting for your upcoming drama. I mean I love " The Innocent Man " (-u-)(*@*)/( - )\ But the other one I don't know too. Before I love to read novel book but now I love to watch Korean Drama every night. Sometime I like this actor or actress but next time I hate them. Before I am Thai drama fan but now never watch Thai drama anymore. But to all korean directors I request to cast song joong ki and park bo young again in some another drama so that we can watch them together more . Hi :) i just finished watching nice guy (the innocent man) and it was so so so good! you still look good after returning : D i can't wait to see you in next weeks episode of running man~ hwaiting! Even thought I can never get to know him personally to say the same, I wish you inspire all around you in becoming and achieving their best. Hope all your upcoming drama in future be well rated like dots. They are the true talents, off course the person taking up the acting too. He was just not being humble but plainly stating facts. We get a sneak peak in to his thoughts and how he channels those thoughts in to action.

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Oppa, I really want to meet you once in my lifetime. Among the Korean actors, Song Joong-Ki stands out not just because of his flawless looks but also of his intelligence. Wishing for more films and opportunity to visit your fans here in the Philippines I NEED YOU BACK ON RUNNING MAN.