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However, within minutes of my activating my profile, hundreds of messages with their propfiles containing many photos invluding in lingerie, from purportedly prospective interested ladies, very young as 18 to 27, sent me in English very inviting letters and a vehement interest in me and asking me to write back in haste, and yet acording to Natasha club rules, my photo was not visible as it takes 24 hoiurs or so to be published.I had suspicion and in courtsey replied breifly replies to read my profile and my intent as marriage and to live here in Japan.Romance Scammers List Amanda George Olga Dolgopolaya Julia Yasyukevich Natasha Club Natalushka Nataly Natalya Natalyy Natasha Natashechka Scammer Anna Mitrofanova Sergeeva Natalia Rostova Natalia Finova Romance Scammer Listings .Scammer Natasha natalia vasisheva mail ru Dating Scams Claritaslux Claims to be a Colonel in the US Army located in Kabul Afghanistan Fake FB account false info stolen pics created by a scammer who is .

If one reads thoroghly the Natasha club information, you can observe that is connected with a Russian company in moscow and apparently with the Russian mafias worldwide scam operation and sex trafficking.

Thank goodness aims to clean them up so you might as well BE CAREFUL of your comments @[email protected]

This site has been Blacklisted by Jim's lists because it is indeed a PURE SCAM and I will also be posting what Jim's List has said but for now...

The "interpreter" gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man.

At the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom "she" rights and what she rights!

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I did not open these "replies" as I was certain now this was a scam and a fraud, and I sent "replies" in a round about open way by thus incompetent site telling them that I had to pay, as such I cannot open the message as I will not pay as contrary oroginal false advertising.