Mixed ethnicity dating sites

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Examining millions of initial messages sent between straight men and women between 20 on a large U. dating site, the researchers found that the premium placed on daters who self-identified as only white wasn’t as high as they originally thought.

Asian-white women got the most attention, with more positive responses to their opening lines from white and Asian men than women who checked only “white” or only “Asian.” (Olivia Munn, we’re looking at you.) Other findings of note: Hispanic women preferred men who identified as Hispanic-white above all else.

But that’s not to say she wouldn’t date someone of a different race — as long as his profile suggests he’s a decent person.

As such, it’s different from a look at, say, unemployment numbers or test scores. the average.” Think of them as how people weigh race in deciding attraction.

Ken-Hou Lin said biracial profiles without any photos performed about as well as those profiles with photos.

“There’s a certain societal imagination about what mixed-race people should look like,” Lin said, pointing out how pop culture has shaped the way we see uniqueness and differences as attractive. Q., our app-dater, the majority of dates she’s been on have been with black men.

Among all groups, Lin said men didn’t play racial favorites as much as women did. “People sort of like the whole ‘ambiguously ethnic thing’ because it’s still safe,” she says.

Except when it comes to black women, who were responded to the least. You can experience new cultures and ethnicities without going so far outside your comfort zone, she said of dating people who are biracial. “It’s kind of gross.” In an Ok Cupid blog post from last September, co-founder Christian Rudder wrote that racial bias among users may have even gone up slightly over the last five years.

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Hispanic men were less selective — they liked Hispanic women, white women and Hispanic-white women about the same.