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It is synthesized in somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary, and pulsatile release of GH is regulated by GHRH and somatostatin neurosecretory cells of the hypothalamus (15). In fact, most sex differences in the liver depend on GH (16, 17).

Activation of cell surface GH receptors (GHRs) increases liver expression and secretion of IGF-I (18).

Next we assayed m RNA levels of genes that escape X inactivation and confirmed that X chromosome dosage affects their expression in the POA.

We also found that the relative level of expression of 2 X inactivation–escaping genes, Male and female mice from the Y* line on the C57BL/6Ei J background were used in experiments 1 and 2.

Therefore, the FCG generates the following genotypes: XX females, XY females, XX males, and XY males.

Both XX males and XX females in the C57BL/6 genetic background consumed more food than XY mice (males and females) during the light portion of the day.

Initially, discoveries of GHRs in brains of rats and humans were perplexing, because GH is a large protein that cannot passively diffuse across the blood-brain barrier (19–22).

Sex differences in energy metabolism, cultural roles and activities, appetite, body composition, and excess fat deposition and distribution are considered among the likely contributing factors.

The Y* breeding colony was originally started with B6Ei.

LT-Y*/Ei J males and C57BL/6Ei J females purchased from The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine; stock numbers 002024), and maintained in the B6Ei substrain.

As for many human diseases, the incidence of obesity and its associated health risks are sexually dimorphic: worldwide the rate of obesity is higher in women.

Sex differences in metabolism, appetite, body composition, and fat deposition are contributing biological factors.

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Of relevance, exogenous GH administration has orexigenic effects in rodents and humans (14, 26–28).

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