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(For more on how to find the right girl and weed out the rest, check out this online dating advice article on red flags to look for in a woman’s profile.) The importance of a good username Guys who pick boring (or worse, depressing) usernames chase women away instantly.

The best online dating profiles however, contain usernames that capture a woman’s interest.

For most men online dating involves messaging tons of women and rarely (if ever) hearing anything back.

But men with the best online dating profiles have a completely different experience.

Finding great pictures A great dating profile starts with great pictures.

How to create the best profile Creating a killer online profile takes time and you may not do it on your first try.

To create this tone you want to take the perspective that there are tons of women out there interested in dating you at this very moment.

Online dating isn’t a chance for you to “sell” yourself and convince women to date you; it’s a chance to filter out women until you find the right one.

From there you want to use a variety of pictures that show different sides of you.

For example, a picture where you’re well-dressed and stoically looking away from the camera is a great for showing women that confident, attractive side.

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Adding another picture that has you smiling will let women see that you’ve got a warm, friendly side as well.