Home web cam video

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Home web cam video

If your wanting to something a bit more simple you could just have a web cam that can be access from anywhere with an internet connection, which is what you will end up with at the end of this guide.

To ensure that the motion service will actually start as a daemon we need to change another configuration setting, so enter the following: Then after about 30 seconds browse to the new web interface, which should be at the below URL (where is your Raspberry PI’s IP address) Web Port You could change the web interface port to 80 (from the default 8081), so that you can just browse to the IP address without having to put :8081 at the end, it’s really simple to do, just: Port Forwarding Final suggestion is enable port forwarding on your home broadband router to the Raspberry PI on port 80, that will mean you can access the web cam from anywhere in the world.

It supports the built-in webcam or an external webcam to monitor your home or business.

Webcam Security Camera can keep recording and uploading the data to Camera cloud storage.

It is NOT just an app, it is a real Security Service for Home and Business.

This app can use your webcam as a network security camera.

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