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Granny mature dating london

Next month the theatre launches a monthly singles night aimed at taking the stigma away both from going to the theatre alone and being unattached.

"Here we are very couple-orientated," says Rogers, 26 and single.

"A SINGLES bar, now that's sad," says 29-year-old Steve, as he places the evening's third jug of sangria on the trestle table. "They'd never work down here in Bristol."We're sitting in Rocinantes tapas bar, a hang-out for local media types by day, bare-midriff country for the beautiful and fashionable by night.

It is, by popular consensus, the place to come if you're single and seeking.

Opened in 1988 in central London, it is modelled on the German cabaret phone bars of the 1930s. Sweaty bodies gyrate to "You're the One That I Want"; boys scream at girls down the telephones placed on each table; a man clutches a woman from behind and flicks a V-sign when she wriggles away, unimpressed; a woman dances with six balloons on her head.

"I'm just going down for a drink at the bar," I say to the doorman as he ticks off guests' dinner reservations. But Daffyd Rogers of the Royal Court Theatre, another singles pioneer, believes there is hope for the UK singles scene.

More than half the population is single, according to the1991 census, and nearly a quarter of those are in their twenties and thirties.

So what do more than 5 million young, free and single people do if they want to meet members of the opposite sex, not to "pull", but to meet a partner or just new friends?

But they have been tried before and they haven't worked.As in the UK, men and women are working harder and longer and simply don't have time for quality socialising.Similarly, women, wary of mistaking a psychopath for a soulmate, an eligible bachelor for a married man, don't date strangers.But the five men around the table deny vehemently that their favourite drinking-spot is a pick-up bar. "If I wanted to pull, I'd go to a club," says Steve."Now Henry Africa's, that is a pick-up joint." Not according to a long-serving waitress at Henry Africa's "cocktail" bar it isn't.

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