Good email titles online dating

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Good email titles online dating

When the usability of your interface is not perfect, microcontent can step in and help save the day, leaving lasting positive impressions.

Little details can make or break the user experience.

It exists to encourage users to take some action, usually because they want to see an in-depth (fully-written) piece of content that’s represented in the user interface by a piece of microcontent.

This microcontent is the representation of your content that people see on the search-result page.

Online headlines are often displayed out of context: in news feeds, social media streams, blog posts, and so on.

Headline text has to stand on its own and make sense when the rest of the content is not available.

The third one is even better because it sets the context first (the article is about PTSD, not about birds) and supports scannability.

(Front-loading the key phrase is an example of where passive voice can be used, even though it’s correctly despised by editors.) Avoid teasers (click bait) to entice people to click, but don’t deliver on the promise.

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Users have been burned too often on the web, and won’t wait for a page to download unless they have clear expectations for what they will get.

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