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How much more work would you really be asking your warehouse to do to integrate a freight consolidation plan?

With or without TMS communication, AFN has been able to produce fast turnarounds for consolidated shipment pre-plans.

For manufacturers and shippers, freight spend represents one of the largest costs to the respective company.

To combat freight spend, supply chain entities have devoted huge investments and deployed developmental teams to find ways to improve efficiency, manage all parts of the manufacturing and shipping process, and eliminate all sources of delays.

Although smaller shippers can aggregate this data and analyze it fully on their own, they may be unable to implement changes with other companies to make use of the data.

Before you can understand how a transportation consolidation program functions and benefits companies by reducing freight spend, you need to understand a few things about transportation costs and concerns.

Some common concerns for shippers include the following: Each of these factors represents real problems for transportation providers and shippers, but despite this, they still need to meet the needs of their customers.

Unfortunately, shipper A cannot achieve this feat without incurring a higher cost of hiring 10 new drivers.

Meanwhile, the cost of hiring more drivers could actually drive freight costs up by 10 percent.

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As e-commerce increases, manufacturers and distributors now compete in a marketplace that no longer allows for the amount of lead time they used to have.