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Laporte is a man who has based his name and career around his web-savvy, teaching eager listeners how to best use the internet and technology on his netcast network called, which streams 27 radio shows- four of which he is the host.

Scientists studied 20,000 men, analyzing how strongly they conformed to 11 typical ideas of masculinity.

However, they also found that men who are exposed later in life are more likely to be sexually promiscuous.

'The goal of our study was to examine how age of first exposure to pornography, and the nature of said first exposure, predicts conformity to two masculine norms,' explained Alyssa Bischmann, a doctoral student at the university who presented the research.

This one just happens to be embarrassing because he bases his career on his tech skills.

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The two norms are sexually promiscuous behavior - or the likelihood of being a playboy - and the desire for power over women, she explained.

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