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Freddie highmore dating

“I think it is exciting that there’s a sense of uncertainly about what I’m going to be doing next and what’s going to come up before the end of the year, or not, and a lot of it isn’t even in your hands,” he said.

“At the same time there is a stability that, having done TV, gives you and without that there is a lack of structure and I’d imagine that you would crave after a couple of years of unstructured life to settle down.

Regarding his dating history, we all might find it utterly fascinating.

Another person that Breslin is rumored to have dated is Tom Sturridge, a 31-year-old British actor.The beautiful couple began dating back in 2006, October; and separated 3 years after in 2009, June.Both British actors shared the same ethnicity and their age gap didn’t seem to have any sort of hitches; but yet, the pair had to call it off due to some reasoning which we are not aware of.Former child star Freddie Highmore has said that staying in London and avoiding social media has helped him stay grounded.The London-born actor, 25, who stars in new film The Journey, rose to fame as a child in Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opposite Johnny Depp.

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