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Dvoynik diabla online dating

1 to 4 at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada: nos. The IDS Bulletin contained a mixture of scholarly articles, book reviews, information of the profession, and a biblio- graphy of current publications (articles and books presenting research into the life and works of Dostoevsky as well as new editions including translations of his works). at the College of Humanities of the University of Utah and, finally, at the Center for Multiethnic and Transnational Studies of the Uni- versity of Southern California. Dresden University Press (DUP) agreed to continue the publication of the journal beginning with volume 2 (nos. Their programme coincides in all aspects with the aims of Dresden University Press, — a fact which lends support to the optimistic outlook for the future on the part of their editors.

Heidelberg im Januar 1998 Horst-Jürgen Gerigk Editorial Preface Dostoevsky Studies, the central organ of the International Dostoevsky Society (IDS), has a history of its own which goes back to 1971, when the Society- was founded in Bad Ems and Prof. As a result, nine issues of the Bulletin of the International Dosto- evsky Society, each amounting to between 25 and 130 pages, were published (nos. Monographs and articles are pub- lished in the working languages of IDS, namely English, French, German, and Russian.

Los Angeles, California: The Center for Multiethnic and Transnational Studies. 6 Vorwort der Redaktion stoevsky Studies Supplements begleitet werden, die Aufsatzsammlungen zu be- stimmten Themen vorstellen wollen sowie Monographien, die sich mit Dosto- jewskijs Werk und seinem Leben befassen oder Themen behandeln, die einen Bezug zu seinem Schaffen aufweisen.

Collection of articles edited by Gary Saul Morson and Caryl Emerson, Evanstown: Northwestern University Press, 1989, pp. Bakhtin, Toward a Philosophy of the Act, Translation & Notes by Vadim Liapunov.

Dostoevsky Studies: New Series und Dostoevsky Studies Supplements erfül- len den Informations- und Forschungsauftrag der Internationalen Dostojewskij- Gesellschaft und publizieren ihre Beiträge auf englisch, russisch, deutsch oder französisch. The series is edited by Rudolf Neuhäuser at Klagenfurt University. Bocharov, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1993, 106 p. Ich und Du, Engl, translation / and Thou, New York: Charles Scribners Son. Utah: The College of Humanities, University of Utah: Vol. Ein erster Band mit Aufsätzen ist unter dem Titel Polyfunktion und Metaparodie soeben bei Dresden University Press erschienen. The themes and topics of the series should be more or less closely related to the 8 Editorial Preface work of Dostoevsky. University of Southern California: editor and publisher: Charles Schlacks. 4 Für die computer-technische Erstellung der Druckvorlage des vorliegenden Heftes der Do- stoevsky Studies: New Series dankt die Redaktion Herrn Markus Wirtz M. Dostoevsky Studies Supplements wer- den von Rudolf Neuhäuser (Universität Klagenfurt) herausgegeben. New Series] It should be noted that from now on the journal will be accompanied by a series of monographs or collections of essays under the title Dostoevsky Studies Supplements to be published at irregular intervals.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 https://archive.org/details/dostoevskystudie1998inte Dostoevs kv Studies THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL DOSTOEVSKY SOCIETY NEW SERIES VOLUME 2 19 9 8 NUMBER I DRESDEN UNIVERSITY PRESS Editorial Board Managing Editors: Erik Egeberg — Universitetet i Troms0 Horst-Jürgen Gerigk — Universität Heidelberg Rudolf Neuhäuser — Universität Klagenfurt Book Review Editor. Katz — The University of Texas at Austin Robin Feuer Miller — Brandeis University Charles A. Journal of the International Dostoevsky Society, ed.

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