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" WOW is for everyone interested in weather who wants to share and exchange information in an online community environment.It's a great resource for weather enthusiasts, educators, farmers, gardeners and anyone with an interesting weather photo or weather fact to contribute.

This leads to better informed communities, in remote, regional and local areas. Here are some of the things you can do right now on WOW: WOW's success in the UK has led the Bureau of Meteorology to work with the Met Office (the UK's National Weather Service), to trial an Australian entry-point to WOW WOW was developed by the Met Office.If you need further information, owners of networks anywhere in Australia can contact the Bureau's WOW Project Manager via: [email protected] I already share my data with another automatic self-lodgement system, can I also submit data to WOW?Yes - The Bureau encourages all those who submit their data elsewhere to also provide their data to WOW.More comprehensive FAQ's related to the general use of WOW are available on the WOW site. A filter is provided in WOW to turn either the Bureau or WOW sites on or off.Please note that WOW will display Bureau AWS information for: temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure, and visibility.

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Details on how to ingest your data into WOW are provided. I think I've followed all the instructions but I still can't submit my AWS data to WOW. Your local time zone will now be used every time you log into WOW. As an existing WOW user in Australia, will I have to re-establish my site/s or login in the new Bureau WOW?