Dating the taurs man

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Dating the taurs man

His insistence on this sort of thing may come across as obnoxious- and it may also lead to him dismissing your feelings if he feels they weren’t “expressed properly”. ” is an entirely appropriate response.) Both of you are deeply invested in making relationships work but you go about it totally different ways.This can create a lot of confusion and upset between you but that needn’t be the case.Extremely masculine, Taurus men tend to be a bit more of the traditional male- even when they don’t seem to be, outwardly.I’ve known more than one poet, musician, and artist that for all intents and purposes seemed every ounce the enlightened male- right up until you got him to open up.Taurus men tend to be very simple- not simple-minded, now, but they value pragmatism and simplicity to the very core of their being.

Think about it in fractions- you want to be about 85% consistent and stable and 25% mystery that keeps him on his toes for good measure and that will be a nearly intoxicating blend.

Now, you probably already know that his passion is an intense, powerful thing- but, it may seem to wax and wane, which is a little bit on the “too little” side for you. If you’ve already lost your cool- you probably know, their reactions can make this so much worse.

He doesn’t like innuendo and he cannot stand anything that looks like a mind-game- so, again, being direct is the only way to go with him and never, ever assume there’s so much more beneath the surface. Notorious for not being easily ruffled, you may have been on the receiving end of a Taurus man telling you that you were being over emotional or that perhaps, you just don’t see things the right way.

You may have noticed he can be just a little on the vain side, at times, too- and while he’s not dropping the benjamins on spoiling you: oh, he’ll pay out the nose for a good haircut and odds are good he’s wearing the best cologne.

This makes him appealing from the outset- because, well, he’s foxy, he takes care of himself: but when you two decide to take steps further, it can be very annoying to see this play out. Isn’t that what the blogs typically say of these men?

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