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First propounded by Max Müller, the AIT has been regarded as self-evident since the 19th century.In the late 20th century, it was refined into what is now known as the Indo-Aryan Migration theory (IAMT).India has lagged behind in genetic research, and the government of India has in the past prohibited foreign researchers from collecting genetic samples of Indians.This restriction has been removed of late, and, as a consequence, a new picture of Indian history is emerging.These are rapidly evolving disciplines, which, in the coming years and decades, will revolutionize our understanding of how our species evolved. A more recent study proves that Bhirrana and other settlements in the Sarasvati valley are at least 9,500 years old, and possibly older [1].These advances in genetics, as well as new archaeological investigations, have brought forth new evidence and presented us with new facts. Sarkar et al’s study found that the Sarasvati was a mighty river along which Indian civilization’s earliest settlements were founded.

Science is not concerned with narratives, ideologies, beliefs, dogma, or opinions.

The question of the origin of the Indo-Aryans has become the most controversial, emotive, and polarizing debate in India today.

It pits these two diametrically opposing narratives against one another.

More than 500 such sites are known to exist along the ancient river’s course, and there may be many more.

Investigating more sites will give a better idea of the age of the civilization and possibly demonstrate that it is even older.

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This raises serious questions about the AIT’s validity.

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