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In his studies he determined that if a parent deviates from the norm, so will the child, but to a lesser extent, one of the earliest observed examples of regression toward the mean.Galton believed that individuals could be improved through interventions in heredity, a movement he named eugenics.A professional colleague of Terman's, Leta Hollingworth was the first in the United States to study how best to serve students who showed evidence of high performance on tests.Although recognizing Terman's and Galton's beliefs that heredity played a vital role in intelligence, Hollingworth gave similar credit to home environment and school structure.When gifted students have completed the normal work, they move on to the next subject in the curriculum, even though the rest of the class is still working on the first subject.There is no standard global definition of what a gifted student is.

One of the earliest Western studies of human abilities was conducted by Sir Francis Galton, who between 18 developed and compiled measurements of over 7,500 individuals to gauge their natural intellectual abilities.

Angiveligt skyldes uheldet, at mændene ved 18-tiden kørte over for rødt i krydset ved Tårnvej og Slotsherrensvej.

Mændene flygtede fra stedet til fods, og politiet håber nu på borgernes hjælp.

Terman's studies have to date been the most extensive on high-functioning children, and are still quoted in psychological literature today.

Terman claimed to have disproven common misconceptions, such as that highly intelligent children were prone to ill physical and mental health, that their intelligence burned out early in their lives, or that they either achieved greatly or underachieved.

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For example, after the gifted students have completed the normal work in the curriculum, an enrichment program might provide them with additional details about a subject in the curriculum.

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