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Since that statute was enacted in 2003, it has been a second-degree felony for any employee of any given school district to have sex with any student in that district, regardless of that student’s age.

“When I graduated high school in 1991, we didn’t have a way to interface with our teachers the way kids today do. In those roles, I would hear about teachers who became sexually involved with students – but at that time, those cases seemed rare.

That student was also seeing a 25-year-old man named Brian Joseph Ortiz at the same time.

Ortiz threatened to expose Sutton to the media for violating the improper relationship law, whereupon Sutton resigned from the police force.

Nearly 80 percent of youth ages 12 to 17 own a cellphone, and 94 percent now have a Facebook account.

Classroom sexual predators have been exploiting these new, unsupervised modes of communication to develop improper relationships with students out of sight of parents and principals.

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