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Not what I would call an all day smoke, though I have made it that at times, and too damn tasty to keep only for "special occasions.

Then there is more, a thick creamy back drop develops as you puff your way down.

In seeking to satisfy a taste other than our own, we pleasantly surprise ourselves with beautiful results.

This is what the Personal Reserve Series is all about.

I light using the "5,3,1" method, ensuring a deep overall burn, and settled down with some trepidation, praying my tongue would survive this pure Virginia experience. Not only that, but I was rewarded with a long, cool smoke, free of any bite. As always the second half of the bowl produced the most satisfying flavours.

The smoke is white and billowy, and unlike many other reviewers I had no trouble keeping it lit, mainly I think due to frequent and gentle tamping, and that good initial light.

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This is a great introduction for a new VA smoker, which surprises me as it has the feel of a "high end" tobacco, which I would have initially imagined would be fairly temperamental, as most pedigrees are.

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