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Completely free dating sites for over 60s rail

Nationalisation was subsequently carried out after World War II, under the Transport Act 1947.This Act made provision for the nationalisation of the network, as part of a policy of nationalising public services by Clement Attlee's Labour Government.In the 1980s, the regions were abolished and replaced by "business sectors", a process known as sectorisation.The Anglia Region was created in late 1987, its first General Manager being John Edmonds, who began his appointment on 19 October 1987.This article is about the nationalised railway service which existed from 1948 to 1997.

It handled the services from Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street, its western boundary being Hertford East, Meldreth and Whittlesea. It was intended to bring the railway system into the 20th century.The Bicester Military Railway was already run by the government.The electric Liverpool Overhead Railway was also excluded from nationalisation.The period of nationalisation saw sweeping changes in the national railway network.A process of dieselisation and electrification took place, and by 1968 steam locomotion had been entirely replaced by diesel and electric traction, except for one narrow-gauge tourist line.

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