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He’s always there with something clever to say but should be taken seriously, despite his wise-cracking nature.

Like Green Lantern, you’re confident but still want others to like an admire you.

Actually, I think if my wife sees that description she might not like it either!

You’ve got a lot to contribute to the world, and you definitely give more than you take and rarely use your capacity to serve your own needs. Sometimes, that anxiety makes it difficult for you to let go of moments from your past.

Aquaman is often the butt of the joke, but without merit. At times, Aquaman is outgoing, sociable, and a reliable asset to the team.

At other times, however, Aquaman seeks solace under the sea and becomes more introverted and reserved, and less reliable.

This left Jason with Catherine Todd, a drug addicted woman he did not know was not truly his biological mother.

Thus before Willis got sent to prison was the last time Jason ever saw him.

I matched 100% with Batgirl which I’m not so sure is a good thing based on the description!

Jason's current alias, The Red Hood, was taken from the Red Hood Gang (facing them was what brought him into contact with Talia and first set him on the path towards becoming a costumed vigilante).

This led to Batman discovering Jason in an alley stealing the tires off the Batmobile.

When Martian Manhunter isn’t busy using his telepathy to poke around in the minds of others, he’s usually stuck inside his own head and is very critical of himself.

A deeply introspective member of the team, Martian Manhunter is often seen as reserved, despite the fact that he is very social.

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The Flash is the fastest man on Earth, and as such, has problems settling down, even just for a little bit.