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Vasily Stalin also gave Tarasov a ringer: a soccer great named Bobrov, a powerful athlete, sports legend and Communist idol.

As magnificent as Bobrov was at soccer, he was also a great hockey player.

Stalin-the-younger believed in Soviet world domination -- certainly on ice. The Russians had a soccer coach, named Anatoli Tarasov.

Surrounded by Gretzky and Messier and the fantastic Edmonton Oilers we won five Stanley Cups.

Traded and eventually finding a home with the New York Rangers I won one more: six in all. And kept thinking and learning more about our game.

We all need heroes and Yakushev became mine and so began my fascination with Russian hockey.

For those who were perhaps living on another planet and paying attention (with apologies to the unborn), Canada’s heroes fought back and won the series in the last moments of the eighth and final game.

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