Buy lenovo y500 online dating

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Buy lenovo y500 online dating

It lacks separate left and right mouse buttons, as many current laptops do, but the two click zones are hard to hit consistently and the entire pad feels like it's floating on top of the wrist rest -- use too light a touch and your finger slips just enough to miss whatever you're clicking on before the click actually registers.

Compounding this problem is that, because the Y500 lacks a touch screen, that touch pad is going to be your main interface with the Windows 8 UI, unless you plug in an external mouse.

Where the optical drive would normally go, in right side of the system chassis, is instead a bay that can handle different optional components.

The Ultrabay accessory included in our review unit is a second Ge Force GT650M graphics card -- a rarity indeed for a gaming laptop -- but you can also use the bay for an extra hard drive, an additional cooling fan, or an optical drive.

It's a bit in-your-face, but I have to admit I thought it looked pretty sharp -- although the fact that it's just so different from other backlit keyboards may have put a bit of a thumb on the scale for me.

The keyboard itself is similar to what we've seen on other recent Idea Pad laptops, and even some Think Pad models.

The keys, thanks to copious keyboard research and testing from Lenovo, are well-spaced, deep enough to give a satisfying click, and make the most out of the space offered, with large Shift, Return, and other important keys.

A chunky, 15-inch Windows 8 machine with some real gaming muscle, sharp design, and a funky red-on-black backlit keyboard, it perfectly embodies the aesthetic Lenovo seems to be reaching for in the consumer-targeted Idea Pad line.Instead, you have to flip the laptop over, remove the battery, and then release a couple of latches to pull out the component that's currently in the bay.Still, it's a feature that makes your laptop more flexible, and I could see swapping in the fan, for example, to get longer battery life and better cooling while on the road.Design and features It's easy to tell at first glance that this is no ultrabook.Unlike the majority of laptops we've reviewed over the past year or so, the Y500 is not trying to be a slim Mac Book Air clone.

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