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and Jiroh and the younger brother of Fire Lord Sozin.

In his youth, he was also a good friend of Avatar Aang.

He was promptly discovered by Sozin, and barely escaped the battle with his life.

Branded a traitor by his home country, Kuzon had nowhere to go but the community of refugee airbenders.

Though he was once captured and brought back to the Fire Nation to face execution, he escaped with the help of his airbender compatriots Taro and Kunchen, and spent the rest of his life helping to stem the tide of Fire Nation onslaught.

Kuzon had much more time for friends and leisure, and was consequently much more outgoing.

However, some sources indicate Izuma intended or groomed Kuzon to be more friendly and outgoing in order to make him some sort of diplomat when he grew up.

For the whole time leading up to Sozin's assault, he had told Kuzon that he planned to minimize airbender casualties because Sozin wanted to capture him alive (to prevent him from being reborn into the next nation) and did not know his identity.

However, after the Fire Nation defeated and imprisoned the airbenders after the battle, Sozin announced that he now planned to kill the Avatar, and that he would have every airbender executed until he knew he had killed the Avatar by process of elimination. Presumably out of loyalty to Aang, Kuzon could not allow Sozin to carry out his plan and so left his bunk that night and covertly freed what airbenders he could.

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