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Asexual definition webster

It might refer to something suspicious or "not quite right", or to a person with mild derangement or who exhibits socially inappropriate behaviour.The expression "in Queer Street" was used in the United Kingdom for someone in financial trouble.Beginning in the late 1980s, queer scholars and activists began to reclaim the word to establish community and assert an identity distinct from the gay identity.People who reject traditional gender identities and seek a broader and deliberately ambiguous alternative to the label LGBT may describe themselves as queer.

Emi Koyama states: "To make it worse, the word 'intersex' began to attract individuals who are not necessarily intersex, but feel that they might be, because they are queer or trans.

An early recorded usage of the word in this sense was in an 1894 letter by John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry.

In the early-20th century, individuals with non-normative sexual or gender identities, including English poet and author Radclyffe Hall, preferred the identity of invert.

Many of these people felt that to be intersex meant a social and biological justification for being who they are, as in it's okay that you're queer or trans because they were literally 'born that way.' This obviously clashes with the majority of people born with intersex conditions, who despite their intersex bodies feel that they are perfectly ordinary heterosexual, non-trans men and women." In 2016, Organisation Intersex International Australia wrote about the sponsorship of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) events by IVF clinics in Australia, in a context where genetic diagnosis of intersex leads to the genetic de-selection of intersex traits, stating that, in addition to ethical issues raised by their de-selection, "sponsorship of "LGBTI" events by such businesses raises more ethical issues still, including the nature of community and comprehension of issues relating to intersex bodily diversity." In academia, the term queer and the related verb queering broadly indicate the study of literature, discourse, academic fields, and other social and cultural areas from a non-heteronormative perspective.

It often means studying a subject against the grain from the perspective of gender studies.

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One such study was conducted in Melbourne in 2016 by Roffee and Waling.