Anne and cohutta still dating

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After that, it is Cohutta’s turn on the phone, and he calls his grandfather and tells him about the pregnancy scare (NOT a conversation I would have ever had with my grandfather).His grandfather tells him to remember what it means to be a man, and that “your true colors come out in a crisis” (apparently, his grandfather’s wisdom is a mixture of Kenny Rogers and Cyndi Lauper).All of a sudden, Cohutta says that the condom broke, and Kelly Anne absolutely freaks out since she is not on birth control.Cohutta tells Kelly Anne that if she is pregnant, she will have to come to Georgia with him.So, later in the evening Kelly Anne and Cohutta go to church, presumably to pray that she isn’t pregnant.

Her mother tells her not to undermine Dunbar’s relationship with Julie.The next morning, Cohutta repeats his wishes (commands?) that Kelly Anne come back to Georgia and they get married if she is pregnant.Dunbar and Ashli really get into it, and he says “You’re being a stupid bitch” (oh, smooth!), and follows that up by calling her a bitch repeatedly.

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