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Finn/Rose Ava Faye lost her family when she was a baby. She grew up alongside the Winchesters and has been with them since the beginning. Well one things for sure, they all seem to be intrigued by her.Especially a certain blue eyed angel who has set his mind on protecting her. Klaus/OC―"He couldn't find it in himself to resist, he just had to know what her legs wrapped around him felt like.She needs to find out who and what she really is, before he tries to win her over and tries to figure out why she glows. I know that, deep down, beneath the smirk and his hurtful words, he loves me." Forgotten Original, Alek Mikaelson, known for his self-indulgent ways, returns to his family when he's summoned.Why does the humming intensify when she is near him? He soon stirs up trouble when he meets Josh, and he quickly claims him.

Klaus/OC—"Oh, you may dislike me, love, but that doesn't stop you from ending up in my bed whenever you're feeling a bit lonely." Skylar Salvatore, feeling rejected because of her family's focus on their rivalry over Elena, ends up finding comfort in their enemy: Klaus Mikaelson.

What if the Kingslayer came across a beautiful young handmaiden during his stay at Harrenhal who made him question whether he wanted to return to King's Landing, and more importantly, to his beloved Cersei? So MAYBE I told my grandma that I was married when, in fact, I'm not! Enclosed in the arms of the Dreadfort, she has no choice but to learn a new life, learn how to appease her new Lord in every way possible.

The following story is a reimagining of events taken place during Jaime Lannister's stay at Harrenhal with Roose Bolton, and beyond. So MAYBE the only person she'd believe I'm "married" to is the Winter Soldier. Ramsay/OCWhat happens if things happen differently when Danielle meets Henry at the ruins? Did anybody else in find it strange in the film that when he kissed her at the ruins and she cried out in pain, he never stopped to check why? He silences the voices in her head, tames the anger that threatens to destroy her and feeds the craving she has to be loved.

If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.”“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked."Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. Lyarra is a capable lady of the Westerlands and a dutiful wife, but when war breaks out between the Starks and the Lannisters and her family is left broken and divided, the little wolf of Casterly Rock becomes the she-wolf of Winterfell.

In a war between wolves and lions, the Queen in the North will rise.

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