A beyblade dating quiz with kai sintetizador guitarra electrica online dating

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A beyblade dating quiz with kai

Kai is a proud and a very confident blader who is willing to sacrifice everything to get what he wants.

He doesn't mind crushing people on the way up though he would much prefer earning things through hard work.

His most recognizable trademark is his cobalt blue face mark that are revealed to be painted on in V-Force (Doesn't have them while he is at school).

Another would be his long and thick white scarf though he doesn't wear this in V-Force.

His eyes are light purple, and his hair is a darker shade from his previous hair colour in season 2.He is seen wearing a black earring and loses his blue triangles temporarily.Kai wears purple pants with a purple top (it is debated whether it's a jumpsuit), and a black jacket/vest above with red stripes and yellow buttons.He is a hard worker who is a cool, serious and rather unsociable person, but is full of ability in Beyblading and is one of the greatest Bladers to ever play the sport.His most distinguished trait is his sense of pride and fairness.

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Although rather introverted, Kai is one of the most emotionally driven Beybladers in the series and far more emotional when he Beyblades, depicting the great importance that Beyblading holds over his life.

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