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Back to table of contents In 2014, a total of 6,122 suicides of people aged 10 and over were registered in the UK, 120 fewer than in 2013 (a 2% decrease).

Historically, a generally downward trend in suicide rates was observed between 19, with a decrease from 14.7 to 10.0 deaths per 100,000 population (see Figure 1).

Since 2007, the rate in the 45 to 59 age group has been increasing.Nevertheless, general suicide trends are broadly equivalent regardless of whether the data is analysed by year of occurrence or year of registration.See the “Impact of registrations delays on suicides” section for more information.This bulletin presents the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on deaths from suicide in the UK.Figures from 1981 are available to download and are discussed in the commentary to provide further context to the latest data.

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For information about the National Statistics suicide definition and about how including these child suicides has impacted on the statistics, see the “Methodological changes” section towards the end of this bulletin.